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Position of the political parties of Armenia on Turkey and on the European Union

  Standpoint of Armenia

Position of the political parties of Armenia on Turkey and on the European Union

Lilit Gasparyan


Lilit Gasparyan

Journalist from Armenia

High perspectives on the defense of the Human Rights, Democracy, and respect towards national, educational, cultural and religious rights – all these values are covered by the European Union roof. A roof - under which Turkey aims to be homed, and continuously holds debates with the EU for so many years. Welfare activities do not meet the EU standards of values, and so far this remains the foremost obstacle for Turkey in the procedure of joining the EU. Ankara membership to EU will result in a number of positive outcomes. The one that stands out among all the perspectives is the border opening. Almost all representatives of political and social powers foresee the case of Turkey joining the EU, with opening the border gates, though at this point outlooks differ to certain extent


Armenian National Congress
Opposition party - 7/131 deputies.

Arman Musinyan, spokesperson.

The essential foreign policy of Armenia is the establishment of friendly relations and peaceful co-existence with the neighboring countries, Turkey as well.  These relations should be formed on the basis of bilateral agreement regardless any circumstances.

Turkey’s membership of the European Union is beneficial to Armenia in terms of economic, political and secure purposes. It is much easier to resolve causes related to various issues when being a close neighbor of the European Union or a member country of the EU. Therefore, Armenia should not impede the procedure.  On the other hand, we must entreat Brussels not to misuse the cause of the Armenian Genocide in terms of Turkey becoming the EU member. The Cause of Armenian Genocide should not be on the political agenda of the foreign policy of Armenia. In this case, the issues relating to the “Board of Historians” will sound illogical and even more, offensive to us.  The Armenian Cause will be subject to discourse only at the level of having established naturally hatched bilateral relations between the two countries – Armenia and Turkey.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation - Dashnagtsutiun
Opposition party - 5/131 deputies.

Giro Manoyan, Director of the International Secretariat of the ARF.

In the opinion of the ARF-Dashnagtsutiun, Turkey –without having recognized the Armenian Genocide and without having resolved its problems with the Armenian people– joining the European Union endangers the strategic interests of Armenia and the Armenian people, because then the influence of Turkey which denies its history and responsibility increases in the European Union, with all the negative consequences.  The continuation by the European Union of the membership process when Turkey has not met all the conditions set for it gives reason for concern. At the same time, the process for Turkey’s membership in the EU can have its influence on official Ankara recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Hence, the ARF-Dashnagtsutiun thinks that its and the Republic of Armenia’s policy regarding Turkey’s EU membership should take into account these issues, considering the political and national interests of the Armenian people and the national security issue of the Republic of Armenia.


Prosperous Armenia
Neither in opposition, nor in majority - 36/131 deputies.

 Stepan Margaryan, deputy.

 It will not be bad if Turkey becomes a member of the European Union or, more precisely, if we (Armenia) have a neighbor - a member of the EU. On the other hand, it will only become possible if the country adopts all the standards in the framework of the EU. Specifically, can any EU member state prevent the activities of the member of the Council of Europe and impose a blockade ? There do exist issues depending on Turkey, that is, if the country reserves itself a right to go against the majority of the EU values, then here we consider uncertainty over the Turkey’s becoming the EU member. "Prosperous Armenia" Faction has nothing against the EU borders to reach the Republic of Armenia, as in the long run communication with the EU member is easier. But we have reservations, as in our point of view we Turkey has to respect European values. Not even touching upon the issue related to having or absence of diplomatic relations we talk about a simple situation, that is imposing blockade on a country is out of all the standards. Even considering the issue from Turkey’s standpoint you will not find any justified circumstance. Maybe the diplomatic relations is another issue, but opening of the borders is an elementary issue. Although diplomatic relations are important for us, but we think that it’s high time for Turkey acted/took measures in this regard. "Prosperous Armenia" Faction has always said that we are ready to begin to establish diplomatic relations without preconditions.


Republican Party of Armenia
Majority government - 70/131 deputies.

 Artak Zakarian, deputy.

Turkey’s joining the EU is one of the urgent issues on the European agenda, and it is raisen from time to time. Turkey will become much more predictable partner when joining the EU. In terms of a neighboring country, it means two things - first, the opportunities of improving Armenian -Turkish relations and secondly, recovering of the political system within the Turkey, looking/addressing the world in more civilized way and recognition of the Armenian Genocide will increase. In this case Turkey may review its policy of closed borders. And the most important thing is that the EU will have borders with Armenia.  It may be a significant step forward in terms of security and peaceful coexistence and economic prospects.  Unfortunately, from the point of view of the real policy Turkey is far from the perspectives, which will assist Turkey in being considered as a future state of the EU. The EU has quite problematic issues, and Turkey’s membership is not realistic at least for the next few years.  But Turkey’ s membership can have its positive impact  in all aspects, not only in terms of  Armenia, but also in terms of  the region.

Opposition party - 4/131 deputies

 Hovsep Khurshudyan, spokesperson.

 We have reiterated many times that Turkey should become a full member of the EU together with Armenia.  This will happen sooner or later, but only in case of giving solution to the current issues. This means that Turkey must face its history, proving that it deserves to be a member of the European family. Without making relevant changes Europe will deform accepting such a country. In any case we think that Turkey’s membership is in the interests of Armenia. It will ensure security in the region, which is especially important for Armenia, will impose more democratic and civilizes circles to Turkey taking into account European values and policy. Eventually, we will have direct border with the EU. Everything is interrelated. Turkey must realize that having close border with its neighbors is an obstacle of joining the EU. And also without recognizing Armenian Genocide it will also be impossible to prove that Turkey has become a democratic and free country.